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The 1946 wheat penny

1946 wheat penny1946 wheat penny

The 1946 wheat pennies come in three varieties “D an”P” “S”


How Much Is A 1946Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from 0.03 to 0.70 cents


How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1946?

P variety-991,655,000

S vartiety-198,1000,000

D variety-315,690,000

1946 P Penny

Rarity: Common in all grades original rolls still exist.

Facts about the 1946 P Wheat Penny: Fully red cents that are well struck are readily available. These cents have little value and a small amount are certified. The cents colors vary from light and brassy to a brightly colored. These cents have a board numeral 5 in their dates as this signifies the style of that time.


1946 D Wheat Penny

Rarity: Cents of these varieties may still exist. Coin collecting as a hobby picked up popularity during this time as a result this issue was heavily hoarded.

Facts about the 1946-D wheat penny: There are a lot of worn dies for this issue and there is a lack of well struck qualities for these cents.


1946 S Wheat Penny

Rarity: Original rolls stick exist and it’s common in all grades.

Facts about the 1946 S Wheat penny: Coins of this issue are mainly worn due to it being polished in attempt to make it look better. This polishing resulted in a shallow look, but with some effort some good gems may be found.


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  1. Want to know what a 1946 D Wheat penny is worth?

  2. have a few of these one being @1918 that has no leafs and I think a 1946 can’t really tell back has red