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Valuable Wheat Pennies

Valuable Wheat Pennies: Some of the Most Valuable Wheat pennies. Did you know a single penny, can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars? In the coin collecting realm old pennies are not considered valuable. The focus is generally on gold and silver. But I’m here to tell you, …

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1929 wheat penny | Value of a 1929 Wheat Penny

  I consider the 1929 wheat penny to be the perfect penny investment. Read the rest of this article to find out why. History of the 1929 Wheat Penny In 1929 were 185,262,000 1929 pennies minted in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania. this number is a rough figure and does not include the …

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1956 Wheat Penny

    A 1956 wheat penny is not rare. A single 1956 wheat penny is not valuable, but the keyword here is “single”. If you have a bunch of 1956 wheat pennies, you can get a lot of money for these coins. These are great collector or investment items particularly …

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1949 wheat penny |1949 wheat penny value

  1949 Wheat Penny Value The 1949 wheat penny is can be worth as little as 15 cents or as much as five dollars. As you can see, the 1949 coin is not worth much, however, it can be a perfect investment for those whom are just starting to invest …

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1943 copper wheat penny

  Wheat Cents The term wheat penny refers to the  Lincoln design on the opposite side of the coin. The wheat pennies were made between the years  1909-1958. Most wheat pennies were produced in the billions, so they are not very rare. However, your wheat pennies can be valuable depending …

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