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1959 Penny

How many were minted?


How  much is it valued?

Anywhere from .10 to .15


How rare is a 1959 penny?

These are common in all grade fine and higher. The original bags and rolls still exist


Varieties: There is a minor doubled die  and a single cud variety


Facts about the 1959 penny:  This issue was commonly hoarded because a design change had occurred during this period. You can readily find fully red cents.  These cents were wider and thinner than previous Lincoln cents 16,115,59 cents were taken away from circulation  by the Federal Reserve Banks   due to defects. They were used for melting and recoining.


1959 D Penny


How much of the 1959 D penny were minted?

Around 1,279,760,000


How much is the 1959 D Penny worth?

About . 10


Rarity: Common in all grades fine and higher you can easily fine original bags and rools.


Varieties: there are 20 repunched mintmarks a stray D with a faded numeral 9. It’s also rich in cud varities.


Facts about the 1959 penny: this cent was widely hoarded and is far from rare. It may be a little difficult to find in circulation because a lot were saved in to jars rather than recirculated, but it’s still not rare.


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