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1952 wheat penny

wheatpenny1952 wheat penny


The 1952 wheat pennies come in three varieties “D an”P” “S”

How Much Is A 1952 Wheat Penny Worth?


Anywhere from 15 cents to 4 dollars.


How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1952?

P variety-186,765,000

S vartiety-137,800,004

D variety-746,130,000



Rarity: Common in in all grades very good and higher, original rolls still exist

Facts about the 1952 P penny: You can located fully red coins. During this year the cost of producing cents had dropped at the same time other cost cutting operations were put into place in order to improve the shipment and delivery aspect. Employees put in extra effort to study ways to improve the manufacturing process.



Rarity: Original rolls still exist. Common in all grade very good and higher.

Facts about the 1952 D wheat Penny: 1952-D cents are commonly found in red/brown state. Some fully red coins may still exist.


San Francisco

Rarity: Common in all grade very Good and higher, original rolls still exist.

Facts about the 1952 S wheat Penny:

These cents are often worn looking with poor quality die. But it’s still possible to find fully red coins.


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