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1950 wheat penny


wheatpenny1950 Wheat penny

The 1950 wheat pennies come in three varieties “D an”P” “S”


How Much Is A 1950 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from 15 cents to $3

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1950?

P variety-272,635,000

S vartiety-118,505,000

D variety-334,950,000

Facts about the 1950 “P” Penny


Rarity: The 1950 P wheat penny is common in all grades. The orginal rolls still survive, although the original shiny red pennies may not exist.


1950-P cent Facts:

Many of the 1950 P cents may still exist in mint state, but the fully red cents are quite rare. In appearance the 1950 “P” pennies tend to be average looking, dull red in color and below average in luster.

The 1950 “D” Penny

Denver: common in all grades. Original rolls still exist.


1950-D cent Facts1950- D cents may still be found in good, fully red condition. It requires effector to find the gems though, the most common of these coins usually lack luster.

San Francisco

Rarity: Common in all grades. Original rolls still exists.

1950-S Facts: Most 1950-S cents are extremely well struck. You can easily find a fully red, fully struck cents. A dark streak across these pennies are common though we don’t know why.


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