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1945 wheat penny

wheatpennyThe 1942 wheat pennies come in three varieties “D an”P” “S”

How Much Is A 1945 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from 50 cents to $5.00

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 19425?

P variety-,140,515,000

S vartiety-266,268,000

D variety-181,770,000

Facts about the 1942 Wheat Penny :

The 1945 “P” Penny: These 1945 P cents have discoloration and other forms of streaking. But since these cents are quite common, with a bit of shopping you can probably find some uncirculated cents that have maintained their color. Their population is low because people are not prompted to submit inexpensive coins .

Rarity: Common in all grades. Original rolls still exist

Denver 1945 Cents: Most cents of this date are of fair quality. Spotting and streaking in this variety is common. However, there might be a number of them is good condition

Rarity: Common in all grades.Original rolls still exist.

The 1945 “S” Wheat Penny: There are a higher percentage of well struck coins for this date, however streaks and other discoloration amongst this mix is not uncommon though.

Rarity: the 1945;s cents are quite common in all rades very good and higher. Both original and reassembled rolls of uncirculated coins may be found, though the former are beocing scarce for this and all dates of the Lincoln series.


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