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1942 wheat penny

wheatpenny1942 wheat penny

The 1942 wheat pennies come in three varieties “P” D and “S”

How Much Is A 1942 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from 50 cents to $1.75


History and Facts about the 1942 Wheat Penny :

The 1942 P Variety: These cents consists of 95% copper, 4% zinc and 1% tin as well as with virtually all tin removed. This action was prompted by the inadequate supplies in the United States. Tin was obtain by primarily from Bolivia. The US Treasure department ordered that in be deleted effective January 23, 1942 as a result of shipping complications in the area. It is not clear whether the tin was eliminated or the percentage in the coins were reduced.

Copper too was soon in short supply, as America’s domestic production was gradually replaced by Chiles output. The situation ultimately led to the adoption of zince plates steel for cent coinage in 1943. During much of 1942 US Mint experimented with various substitutes for the conventional copper zinc alloy.


The 1942 D Wheat Penny: Many of these coins were coined from a medium dies state. Many of the cents appear worn

The 1942 S Penny: Many of this date have worn dies.


How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1942 ?

P varitety-657,828,600

S vartiety-85,590,00

D variety-206,698,000



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  1. I have a 1942 Lincoln wheat penny with no mint mark , in good condition. How much is it worth ?