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1932 wheat penny



The 1932 wheat pennies come in two varieties “P” “D”


wheatpennyHow Much Is A 1932 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from .90 to $80

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1932?

P variety: 9,062,000

D variety:31,178,000

The 1932 P Wheat penny

Rarity: These are relatively scarce in circulation. Even though these have a low mintage, you may find these in all grades including mint state grades. Original rolls still exist.

Facts about the 1932 P Cent: These have some die wear, but the color is usually average to good. The coins colors range from a copper appearance to red. This series had low mintage, and tended to be hoarded.

1932 D wheat penny

Rarity: You can readily find fully struck coins and choice coins because these were widely hoarded. The mint state coins were widely hoarded. These are somewhat scarce in circulated grades. Original rolls still exist.

Facts about the 1932 D Cent: Sharply struck coins have a bright red color and are the desirable coins for collectors. Most of these were hoarded. Many of these coins have worn dies, but mint state coins are usually in good condition.


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