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1920 wheat pennies

wheatpennyThe 1920 wheat pennies come in three varieties:  “P” “D” and S

How Much Is A 1920 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere for .15 cents to $2900.

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1920?

P variety:310,165,000

D variety:49,280,000

S variety: 46, 220,000


How much is a 1920 cent worth?

.05 to 2900

The 1920 P Wheat penny

Rarity: 1920 P is common in all grades. However, not all are well struck. Original rolls may still exist.

Facts about the 1920 P Cent: You can readily find good quality cents in color and strike. This issue tend to lack sharpness though.

1920 D wheat penny

Rarity: This cent is common in all circulated grades through fine. This issue is more rare in higher grades. Average mint state coins can be readily found. Good strike and color are difficult to find for this issue.

Facts about the 1920 D Cent: This issue has an unclear Lincoln portrait. Mint state coins have a red and brown color.

1920 S Wheat Penny

Rarity: These were widely hoarded in low grades. True gems are scarce as are VF-Mint state coins. This cent is one of the rarest in gem condition.

Facts about the 1920 S Cent: Few red cents can be found. The AU is more desirable than mint state coins. This date has a problem with worn dies and unclear details particularly on the Lincoln head.


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