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1914 Wheat Penny

wheatpennyHow Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1914?

P variety:75,237,067

D variety:1,193,000

S variety: 4, 137,000


How much is a 1914 wheat penny worth?

Anywhere from .15 to 3750


The 1914 P Wheat penny

Rarity: These are available in mint state grades. And are common in all circulated grades. Gem and quality cents are difficult to locate.

Facts about the 1914 P Cent: These are usually well struck. These are highly valued when compared to cents of similar dates. These have a textured appearance


1914 D wheat penny

Rarity: These are scarce in all circulated grades. The mint state cons are also scarce as are gems are rare. There is a demand of this cent.

Facts about the 1914 D Cent: These are generally well struck. Most cents show full detail. These were rare since the 1930s. The value of the 1914 D Cent soared during this time.

Unfortunately, because of it’s rarity and demand this issue has quite a few counterfeits. Some signs of counterfeits is a relocated D mint mark. When a mintmark is added the size and style of the letter looks misplaced. These are relatively easy to see.

These cents are well struck with full details with soft numerals and lettering.

1914 S Wheat Penny:

Rarity: These are scarce and difficult to locate. These usually are discolored and corroded. Problem free examples ares nearly impossible to locate.

Facts about the 1914 D Cent: Generally speaking, these coins are well struck. The mint state coins will be dark. Many grading services have only certified a few MS-RD cents. Most of the sharply struck coins are dark while the bright coins are mushy.


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